M A S A H (pronounced MAH-SAH) - Inspired by the Hebrew word for ‘journey.’ But not just any journey, the journey taken through the heart and soul.

You could say the idea for this brand is one part divine inspiration, one part born from a lifelong sweet tooth, and one part growing up learning about and experiencing the benefits of utilizing both traditional western medicine with natural, holistic modalities.
In my professional practice as an intuitive holistic healer, it’s been my passion and my mission to normalize the work and conversations we do and have around healing, personal and spiritual development and empowerment. So I consider MASAH to be an extension of my service to the collective whole.
I want to share self-care and mindfulness in really fun, delicious, and innovative way. Basically a way to stop overthinking how actually easy and convenient it is to take care of ourselves!
MASAH is a wonderful accompaniment to introduce into your day-to-day routine and your existing wellness and healthcare practice if you already have one! I recommend setting aside a time where you can be undisturbed for a couple minutes, quiet your mind, find stillness, and enjoy these products coupled with some slow, deep breathing. Studies show that even just a couple minutes of meditation or deep breathing a day, just taking some time to center ourselves, can dramatically shift our mood, calm stress and anxiety, and leave us better equipped to take on our day.
We can often approach our health, wellness, and mindfulness routine with a little too much structure and rigidity, so instead I invite you to HAVE FUN and wishing you a sweet journey ahead!
In love, health & happiness,